Escape Game The Cell, Exit Games Stockholm. Stockholm.
Escape Game The Cell, Exit Games Stockholm. Stockholm.
Escape Game The Cell, Exit Games Stockholm. Stockholm.

Escape Game The Cell

Players 2—0 players
Age Age restriction 12+
Time 60 min. to complete
Price 550 kr per team

About the game The Cell

You and your best friend have just been put into jail, in a very small cell. It is like the worst nightmare you ever had and you wish to wake up soon – but you are already awake. And it gets even worse when you realize that the world outside the cell is suffering from nuclear descease due to the war so how to protect yourself even if you escape from the cell. This is really a precaurius situation and all your questions do not have clear answers. Is this the final stage of your life or is there a way out?

First of all, you better keep your good relations with your friend - you will never get out alone that is for sure.

Secondly, you must use the entire capacity of your brain otherwise you will loose your brain – literally.

And finally, do not believe everything you see or hear. Things might change over time.

Welcome to The Cell!

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Address escape game The Cell

Stockholm, Västerlånggatan 42. 111 29 Stockholm
+46 (0)8 ... Show phone number

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